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(2nd UPDATE) The Philippines said it had detained an alleged member of Islamic State in the Philippines, the group’s most active base in Southeast Asia.

The military said it received intelligence from a U.S. person who alerted the military to Abu Sayyaf Group’s presence.

The military did not specify the identity of the U.S. person but said she was working on behalf of Filipino security forces.

President Rodrigo Duterte last week suspended the U.S.-Philippine military agreement on air operations.

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The military, which is a part of the United States’ Asia-Pacific Command, did not immediately give details of Abu Sayyaf’s movement.

The Abu Sayyaf Group was also responsible for a spate of high-profile assassinations last year, including that of U.S. special envoy Carl E. Robinson.

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The U.S. government has criticized Duterte, who denies human rights abuses, after his brutal war on drugs. He has called U.S.-Philippine security cooperation “abnormal.”

Duterte on Thursday condemned the abduction of 10 Dutch tourists and an American citizen who were kidnapped last year along the Philippines’ southern border with Malaysia and held for ransom.

“The abduction of Dutch tourists is a threat to international tourism. This is the most serious case I’ve heard of yet in the recent years,” said Robyn Scott, the regional director for the International Council of Tourism.

The three were among eight people held hostage by the Abu Sayyaf Group, which was believed to have a number of foreign members. After a ransom was paid, five of the hostages released the group from captivity, while the seventh went back to Malaysia, where he is in custody.

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The kidnap of the Dutch citizens in 2015 came after the first kidnapping against foreigners in the country in 2014. The group has been responsible for dozens of attacks, killing dozens of Filipinos in the process.

The U

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