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(Yes it’s that easy!)

How can I get paid for my classes?

All classes are FREE to attend. Click the “Learn More” tab on the right of our website.

How long has the course been available?

The course has been taught at Woodcraft Inc. since 2007.

When is each class taught?

Each class is taught once a week. Classes are on Mondays through Fridays at 2:00pm and the classes start at 1:00pm.

Are any of the courses sold out?

Yes! If you need a class to continue, just register for the next scheduled class and it will be filled! No class dates will be sold out.

How much does one of these courses cost?

Each class starts at $10/ person. No extra charge if there is one. We accept checks or money orders for payment.

Will this course show up on my credit card statement?

No, your first class was just a private and the course costs 10 dollars and you will not be billed or billed your credit card credit card.

Is a certificate of completion required to take these classes?

For private classes, and for classes where the instructor is not a local professional in the woodworking profession, students will receive an email with your certificate of completion after the first class is completed. The certificate will be emailed to you by email or mailed to you and you may not be billed or billed your credit card.
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