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Peyton Manning: This is one of the first time I’m not trying to win the game. It’s one of the very first time I’m not trying to impress anybody.

What about your signature inked to Peyton’s back is most iconic?

Andrew Luck: This is one of the first time. That’s my old one in ink, it took me a long time to get it right. It was probably just the worst possible time, but I like to use my initials, so I didn’t do it until now and it’s my oldest tattoo, my dad’s favorite and he still had his old one in ink and I got it in 2008.

Are you friends with Eli Manning or his brother, Eli Manning?

Peyton Manning: No. That’s a terrible idea in my book.

[Editor’s note: That story was originally posted on Dec. 26 but was updated on Dec. 26 as the Colts drafted Andrew.]

A group of men were walking in a field when they were allegedly dragged in and beaten, one of them stabbed with a knife by the assailants before he ran away, an army official said Tuesday. The group was returning from a ritual bath at a remote part of Assam’s Kokrajhar district.

The official said the incident took place when the group was returning from the ritual bath at a remote part of the district, when the assailants allegedly dragged them to the bushes. One of the victim, a farmer, sustained injuries and later was taken to nearby town after being admitted to the local government hospital.

The official said a man from the tribe had brought back a knife used in earlier incidents. When the assailants returned to the area, they saw the farmer and his family leaving the village and they attacked and beat him. The farmer managed to escape and alerted the village officials after which the locals took the two men to a local police station for medical treatment.

The police took up the case and registered a case against the accused and recovered the knife on Tuesday. The accused was arrested later.

A few more people have alleged that after the incident they were dragged in the bushes as well, on Sunday morning. The police have assured to lodge an FIR against those who were involved.

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Star Wars: The Old Republic Twitch Streaming Weekly. A major theme of this week’s stream is how we’re going to play with player feedback to make things for us better. We are listening and

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