What does flash tattoo mean? – Evil Skull Tattoo Designs

It refers to a body art style that consists of a continuous exposure to bright red (sometimes yellow) or fluorescent light which can take hours to fully fade away. Flash tattoos are also known as flash neon, flash red, flash magenta, flash violet or flash green.

How is bright red tattoo done?

A bright red tattoo is done to the skin in two steps:

A thin mask is placed on the body (such as a mask over a nose)

the tattoo pigment is injected directly to the skin and the skin, by the same tattoo artist, is also tattooed, on to the mask with a brush (a spray tattoo technique), at the same time.

The skin is then allowed to darken and heal.

How is a bright green tattoo done?

A bright green tattoo is done to a lighter skin tone and done to the right skin tone.

The mask of the tattoo artist is removed and the skin is tattooed as in step 3. Once healed, the mask can again be used by a different tattoo artist to create a new tattoo of the same color using the same brush or spray technique as before.

After completing the process described above, an artist has the opportunity to apply a new dye over the tattoo as the mask, to create a color.

When a tattoo artist creates a bright green tattoo, the skin of the tattoo is still treated as the mask with a protective covering (e.g. eye mask) where the pigment can be injected from the back, onto the tattoo.

When flash neon tattoo is used, a small mask is left on a piece of skin as a cover and the mask is removed.

Can a black flash tattoo be made?

It can be done. The most common and effective method of this tattoo is to use a small amount of black ink (in a small white pen) so that one can see the tattoo for how it looks on the skin.

There are some tattoos that only have a small amount of ink but which can be created in the same position and same amount of time as a flash neon tattoo. These include:

Lions Head





It’s quite likely that you can make a very bright neon tattoo too but it requires a different method as there are some special tattoo needles used to do this.

How is the tattoo made?

A tattoo

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