What are the tattoo styles? – Small Tattoo Designs For Women For September

Tattoo styles vary from small, low cost prints to large “sketch” styles that may not be visible from street level. You will need a camera and a large print (1/2″ or thicker)

How can I find a tattoo artist in Richmond?

To get into the tattoo business, you must have access to the local tattoo artists. Most locations require clients to contact them via phone or online before starting the process, and may vary from city to city.

Here are some sites you may want to check out if you are considering Richmond tattoo artists;

http://www.mytattoo.com – A great website for all things Richmond, VA tattoo. They have a variety of artists and provide online ordering access as well.

http://www.tattooartists.com – An excellent listing of tattoo artists in Richmond, VA. Very helpful for finding what is the best tattoo shop in Richmond.

If you prefer using sites on a more personal level, you can always use Google to find people who have the same type of tattoo style as you.

Other tips on getting a tattoo are –

Check out the price of the ink (you cannot get free tattoo ink!) Take your time, the better the experience, the better. Take it slow and don’t rush

If you are planning on leaving the area, be aware of the possibility of getting a hold of an angry tattoo artist and getting the tattoo removed. Be aware of your surroundings/transition areas. The better this gets before you leave, the more it will improve over time

Don’t forget to look at your local regulations and laws as to how the tattoo is done.

Finally, keep in mind that a tattoo should always be done by experienced, skilled tattoo artists. If you are thinking about getting a tattoo in the city of Richmond, do not forget to contact your local tattoo shop to let them know you would like a tattoo in their location. If you need any help getting started, or don’t know where to start, visit www.tattoosmartstore.com for a complete list of tattoo stores in Richmond.

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