Can Catholics get tattoos? – Small Tattoos For Guys Chest

No. To get a tattoo, you first have to have a doctor or doctor’s assistant verify that you have a mental illness and are unable to get a license in Massachusetts.

Can I get a tattoo for religious reasons?

No. There are laws in Massachusetts that prohibit anyone under one’s influence from receiving a tattoo. If you want a tattoo for a religious reason or just want to be a Catholic in Massachusetts, see our FAQ and our Catholic Tattoo Policy.

I want to buy the tattoo I’m looking at. Where do I buy my tattoo?

See our FAQ page on Selling Tattoos to find a list of businesses that sell tattoos and their locations.

Is my tattoo illegal in Massachusetts?

No, you can get a tattoo in Massachusetts if the tattoo is in accordance with Massachusetts law. However, if the tattoo has a moral or religious theme, you must get permission from your local bishop or other Church authority. If you do not know what your local Church authority may be, see our FAQ on Church Tattoos.

How can I get a tattoo if I don’t have a doctor’s note?

The best place to get a tattoo in Massachusetts is in a licensed health care facility that provides a medical professional to provide care. There is no need to get a doctor’s note to get a tattoo, and you don’t even need to go to their business directly. The best places to find one are:

Inpatient Hospitals

Outpatient Hospitals

The best place to get a tattoo in Massachusetts is:

The Best Places to get a Tattoo in Massachusetts

Where Can I Get a Tattoo in Massachusetts?

We’ve listed all of the places in Massachusetts where you can get a tattoo. We have information on how to get a medical or medical practitioner to provide a patient with a tattoo in more detail. See our information on Getting a Tattoo and in-person In-Hospital In-Care to find out which hospitals are licensed in Massachusetts and how often they provide a tattoo in Massachusetts.

Should You Get a Tattoo?

If you have a moral or religious objection to getting a tattoo, then you’re better off not getting a tattoo, even if you think it looks nice. You can read more on that from the Catholic Web site: Getting a Tattoo and the Catholic Web site: How to Get a Tattoo. If you’re going through an argument with a family member or friend about getting

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