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What does a pencil illustration look like? You can check out a sample here.

As my fellow Americans, we are proud of our values and beliefs. We believe in a strong national defense and our ability to defend ourselves, our families, and our Nation. And our greatest strength and protection are our citizens, the men and women who serve in uniform and continue to serve. We know the American Dream can and should be real to those who have work that pays the bills and care for their families.

However, every American, regardless of your income, has a responsibility for their own life, their own safety, and their own security. For that reason, we all have a responsibility to protect our country from the threats posed by threats we know exist. That means that in a nation of almost 5.5 billion people, a single one of us has a responsibility to protect all of us, and to fight and win a war on terrorism.

Today, I am announcing a multi-faceted and comprehensive plan that will enhance our counterterrorism capabilities by investing in intelligence, training and equipment, and helping our government partners fight the terrorists that threaten the homeland. This multi-pronged strategy will include the following:

• Creating a new agency dedicated to intelligence collection, analysis and research.

• Enhancing intelligence sharing to more efficiently identify and respond to threats.

• Strengthening intelligence-gathering capabilities by sharing and consolidating data from across the intelligence community.

• Providing additional funding to intelligence agencies to accelerate their work and enhance their capabilities.

• Reducing redundant duplicative work among our intelligence agencies to better equip our agencies to identify, assess and act on terrorist activity.

• Ensuring that the intelligence community’s tools are used to prevent and disrupt terrorist attacks and prevent the further spread of terrorism, rather than merely to detect it and report it.

• Ensuring that the intelligence community has the resources it needs to conduct its mission effectively, while keeping the country safe.

I am also announcing a plan to bolster America’s international partnerships. The President is also announcing plans to provide security assistance to our allies around the world. We know that America is strong when our enemies believe that America is weak. That’s why I support a strategy to strengthen alliances through defense spending, and help build an alliance structure with an intelligence component that will better focus our efforts against the common threats facing our planet.

This strategy will be implemented through three main programs. First,

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