What can you draw when your bored?

It’s funny, because when I started to write, I was bored, because at that time there was nothing available in comics for me to read. The internet, when it was available, meant very little.

Is there a particular piece of writing that makes a difference to you when you’re writing?

Well, as long as the person who draws it and is writing it can convey to readers what I’m going for in the comic, I’m fine. It’s just a big piece of artwork that makes the character. It’s not my job to explain everything.

And as opposed to the last few years, what do you say to people who criticize your work? Are you afraid people will come to the conclusion that you’re in a competition with yourself?

The most important thing is: the people who read my work are the people who will be influenced by my work. You know, in comics, the most popular work is the most creative. The most popular work can be based on anything, from some obscure idea to some very personal experience. I’m not trying to tell you what you think. I’m just trying to show you what my readers want in comics, and I’m doing that by putting things I love into things that might be controversial.

You’ve taken a long time to write this book. What are you doing to relax?

I’ve been doing some travel, and I went to Spain and I went to Portugal and I went to England, and there were all these different cultures that I’ve never seen before.

How’d you get back into comics, since you were a young teenager?

Well, I was going to school, and I read some comics. I was always into comics, but didn’t know much. I was in high school, and after I heard from my parents that they were going to send me to a comic convention in England, I went right out and bought all their comics, I got a bunch of issues of Spider-Man, and collected them. I didn’t really buy the comics. I just bought the covers of every issue. I thought to myself, why would anybody ever buy such ridiculous crap on their trip? My parents, like most parents, took my kids on trips and then they would put away $4 each time they went to London. Now, if you look at the comics I bought for the trip, I didn’t think they had any redeeming qualities. I was like, well, I’m a