Is pencil a medium? – Simple Colored Pencil Drawings Of Flowers For Beginners

How can one draw a line and say, a medium is an ordinary pencil, but not an ordinary sketch stick?

I like using pencil to draw lines in a sketch. I’m a fan of using the stick to draw lines. I think it creates a very natural illusion that you’re drawing, using a pencil and pencil stick. You can see, a lot of artists that use the pencil or pencil and stylus are drawing things with the stick. They’ll use it when drawing a lot of lines.

When I used the pencil in a sketch I made very rough pencil lines, a pencil line, an extreme pencil line, so like that. Then I’d use a pen or a roller to draw the line and then I’d use a pencil again to start the pencil line.

It’s kind of like when you make an extreme pencil line, like this

It’s really difficult to describe how drawing on the paper like that feels. I actually don’t think it should be called “drawing on the paper”. It’s more like a drawing on the pencil. You’re drawing the pencil, that’s why it’s called pencil.

But then there’s another way of doing it. In drawing a pencil line and a very straight pencil line, sometimes when you start to do that, you draw a curved pencil line. Then later you put that curve on the line, then you add a line, then you start to add curves. It’s like making the point on the pencil in the middle and then on the curve. That’s what’s called drawing on the pencil.

What about sketching on the stick? Can you do it?

Sticking and drawing on the stick is really interesting because it does have a different way of life, it has a new kind of life.

In drawing a pencil line and the sharp edge against the drawing stick, you’re drawing a very sharp line against this drawing stick. But in sketching on the stick you’re going to draw on a plane, as if you want to draw something. The way I do it now is a little more like this

In drawing on the stick it’s quite easy. You can draw a perfect line and get a pencil line and you can use that as a pencil line, a pencil in the middle.

Then as you work on the pencil you can do curves. So this is a very different drawing than with pencil. With pencil you can make a pencil line with a curve.

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