What is the easiest instrument to teach yourself? – Can You Learn How To Play Violin Online

The most popular instrument is, obviously, the guitar!

How do you get a guitar to learn to play?

I think it starts with trying to get the skill under your fingers and to move it, even to the point of just being able to see.

What is the most difficult instrument to learn?

Probably the trumpet. I have never been good at it and when you have a piano you can play it just fine. Then again, I’m not afraid of it. The problem has been playing with an instrument that’s very heavy. The trumpet is a very easy thing to play.

Do you teach other people the violin in a school?

I have had a lot of teachers before. I’ve had two masters for example and both of them have been excellent (laughs).

Has playing a violin changed your personal style?

Probably the piano. I don’t have the feeling of having control over the instrument. It’s the instrument of a pianist and he’s so close to the piece.

How long did it take you to finish the album You Can Play Anything? Was the completion time very short?

I think I took two years but if you go to any of the concerts you will find the songs are on the air on many days. All of the songs you’re listening to are on the air.

What is your favorite instrument?

You’ll find me playing a lot of the piano when I need to or for playing out. I love the keyboard. I’m happy when I feel the guitar, but I have been playing a lot of the guitar. I played violin at school and am enjoying that.

Who is your musical hero?

I love the Beatles. They’ve had many different musical styles over the years and I have no problem listening to any of them. I’ve been listening to some of these early ones: The Who, The Clash, The Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, Bob Dylan, the Who, The Beach Boys, the Dead in those days. I love music and I listen to it while I work or study, but I don’t think I’m as passionate about it as the Beatles.

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