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Do you follow my steps?

It’s difficult to describe how writing a book feels during 5 stages because they are really difficult.

In essence we experience a lot of emotions simultaneously.

I think any good writer is able to tell you.

However it can be said that in writing you experience 3 different emotions.

1. Anxiety

2. Desire, excitement and dread

3. Anger

I believe that any good writer can relate.

I also know that I’m not the only one who felt this way at some stage of the writing process. There are many others out there.

I’ve never seen someone write a book that was as good as mine.

As a good writer yourself you should be able to relate a little.

But I have found in the last couple of years that it’s easier to relate.

Writing a good book is easy.

Writing a great book takes a massive amount of effort.

It’s like that saying, “It is not the hours you spend at the office and the hours you spend in the gym that matter, it is the hours you spend at the gym and the hours you spend at the office that count”.

If you put in the effort you’ll be rewarded. Good writers do that and it’s a sign of a high quality work.

So why don’t writers just go out and pick up a piece of chalk?

You are doing this when you have chosen the book to write and are sitting in the car. You’re not actually thinking about the book you’re writing. You don’t even have ideas about the book itself yet.

Then suddenly you write that sentence: “And if they can write, then surely the authors of books can write”. Why would anyone write that?

You will need to write in order to produce a book. Otherwise you have no credibility and this is very bad.

The trick is to keep your feelings and thoughts on track, but at the same time to capture them so that a book can get written.

We experience an anxiety-related thought cycle when we’re writing and this can sometimes be used to create a better feeling.

Sometimes it’s really good to get all these feelings in one go, but at that point it becomes hard to think clearly, which creates more anxiety.

Writing a good book can be difficult if you’ve experienced anything similar to my experience in the past few years

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