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There are many ways to create the sound of guitar and you must make sure you play the track as accurately as possible and make your tracks as easy to sing as possible.

Are you the best guitar player ever???

It is important to have a good song with great guitar playing and also not to be too loud or too sweet to other people.

If you want to have a career in the music industry then I strongly suggest you learn at least basic guitar skills first such as playing solos, intros and guitar break beats.

How many guitar tracks have you made that were really your best?

There are a number of reasons why you should aim to make as many songs as possible, including to help your guitar learning.

Do you have a style of music that you are proud to perform on stage?

People tend to compare the guitar with drums and I’m not sure which genre has the advantage that they feel more comfortable in and also feel more confident.

I know you said earlier that songs with catchy or fun melodies need to be performed at a high level to have a chance of success, does that apply to the music you make with your music?

I do think that it does, as you can play really well without the songs having a certain style.

Do you think that music is the only way for young people to achieve their dreams?

I think that anything that gives people the ability to express themselves is a positive thing as long as it makes them feel good and it helps them in the long run.

Do you think that it was important to change the rock music in the 80s in order to allow people to feel inspired by other genres of music?

There was a time a couple of decades ago when there was a rock music scene here in Australia but it wasn’t a healthy one. I don’t think that you could call it a healthy one. Now the scene is flourishing in the UK and the US.

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Do you enjoy the process of creating music?

I really enjoy it, but also think that to have a good idea you need to learn how to record and make music.

When playing to your friends it is very important to keep things short, do you think that this makes songwriting easier or it makes recording and performing more difficult?

The process of writing songs with everyone is really fun.

Are you able to perform well on stage?

When I have a good performance

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