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In my opinion, the biggest difference between the easiest guitar and the most difficult guitar would be picking the right string. Everyone goes through these stages when learning to play the guitar, or maybe they do it once or twice but it definitely seems like it takes years for me to learn the right string. There’s a lot of people that go through the guitar picking process without having picked a string; some have a bad opinion of guitar picking since they didn’t pick strings and only play their hands and fingers. My theory is that the right string makes a huge difference in how hard a guitar player can make a note appear at a volume that even the most skilled players can’t quite make out, because they’re using something that isn’t very easy to hit.

What is the hardest guitar you’ve ever played and also why?

I’d like to think of the toughest guitar I’ve ever played is a Gibson SG (Solid Guitar). It was a really difficult, long process, and I still can’t believe how many songs I could play at different speeds at a given volume and tone.

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What is the most difficult guitar you’ve ever played?

The most difficult I can remember is a Rickenbacker 500-15. I thought that the only guitar I’m not familiar with was that but I was actually playing it a few months after I was born. For me it was like trying to break away from my mommy and daddy and have a career of your own, you know? So, I don’t know – I’ve thought about that for awhile!

What is the easiest and most difficult guitar you’ve ever played?

The simplest guitar, as far as I’m concerned, is a Martin D-30 or a Super Fuzz. Most of the other guitars are complicated to play but most people don’t even know that. You need to learn to play every note to understand the rest of them. Some people only need to play a few keys, and I can also play every key on my guitar without ever even thinking about it. But it is very important to learn how to play those notes on the guitar, and if you try to play only one note it’s not going to work! You need to get as much of a rhythm in your playing as possible and then move on to the next sound that you find very interesting or useful.

What is the one guitar that can still play you?

My trusty Gretsch G7. But it is so easy to put

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