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The most accessible instrument for learning piano is the cello. It is a very popular instrument in schools and they will be teaching cello songs and other music to your child. Another thing is, most children who learn music can play the piano and can do very well, even though it does not have a lot of articulation. The first piano I taught was a C# Eb. It is a very easy instrument to play. It can be played like an electric organ for very good results, and it is very comfortable in the hands of a young pianist.

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Are you using any of the music-making software such as Audacity or SoundFont, or do you use some other software?

The music-making software that I’m using is Audacity. It’s a free and open-source program to create digital audio works at any sampling rate, and it has lots of very useful features!

I use it for all of the music that I play, but I am using a special version with the piano that has all sorts of filters and effects that are useful for my child, and that also allows me to set different keyboard parts that are more interesting and are easier for the child to play.

Most people use an iPhone (or another mobile phone) while they play; I use the iPod Touch.

What instrument is easiest to teach to a child?

One thing I always tell parents (and teachers and tutors), is to put your child down and play their favorite music and be honest with yourself about what kind of music they enjoy or can play. If your child has played an instrument from the age of 5 on, he or she will have a very good grasp of basic skills, but that’s it. If your child has grown up listening to music and is looking for information, go play the music and listen to what they are doing with it. They need to hear some of their favorite instruments to teach their hearing and their understanding of music to others.

You often hear children say: ‘Music is great, but I don’t understand why a piano is so expensive!’

I know that in many countries (many in Europe, especially Germany) it is very hard to raise a child. And then you read that some parents would give their child a piano for Christmas or birthday. For some children there is a price increase on their piano for Christmas or birthday because of that. I do not think it is that easy to raise children. They come from a very low

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