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A lot of your questions involve how your guitar works and what you are trying to do.

The answers to these questions include the best fretboard layout, best string shapes, and which strings are used as the most frequently. When you learn guitar it’s not the easiest instrument to play. What’s worse is that the chords you learn on the fretboard are really the foundation of where you play in the music. Most of you guitarists have a few dozen or so chord pictures that they use to study and learn chord progressions, but I believe that the guitar is one of the most unique instruments that we have to offer. If your chord chart or guitar chord pictures aren’t up to par then it’s your fault, but that’s not always the case. If you find a chord picture that’s out of the ordinary then try to find ways to make that picture better before you start freting over the chord picture… You never know what will work out!

The best way to learn guitar chords is probably by studying the fretboard. There are three good ways to study the fretboard – studying with sheets, doing it with an acoustic guitar, and playing with a steel string guitar. The first two approaches will give you a greater understanding of how the guitar works, the last one will give you a better understanding of how to use the guitar to improve the chord progressions you study on it. You might want to give an extra listen to the guitar chord progression that I use – “Tight Time” by Billy Preston. Although my approach might not be the biggest in the world, it’s definitely a good example of how to approach study of a guitar’s layout and chord progression.

I would encourage you all to practice these methods on something in your hand or on a piece of equipment that you can practice with. Playing with a guitar or performing with the instrument might take more time to master, but is well worth it.

The chord scale

A guitar is a wonderful instrument, but it’s also a formidable instrument that requires your full attention. You don’t have to learn a thousand scales just to get it playing all the chords. That’s where a very important concept in guitar is “scale.”

Let’s start off with a little scale definition. Here is a list of common scales.

Scale Types:

M – Major scale

G – Generalized minor scale (also called diminished major)

D – Dorian

C – Aeolian


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