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There is no way I would have played my first guitar before 2000 when I was only 12. I couldn’t even play the guitar at all in the woods, let alone the streets of Paris. I think I must have passed through a handful of guitar lessons in my youth. I think the most important thing is for you to learn the instrument and to learn the right way to play music. If you come to this site, at least the lessons will help you learn the basic chords, scales, and notation. You will also learn how to play the songs that I sing on my YouTube videos.

I was one of the first musicians to use the internet. I had the idea when I was 12 years old. I started playing the guitar and I had to learn to play with the guitar. My first guitar lesson was in 2000. It was on my iPad (or something similar) and I could only play the rhythm and a few notes by fingering. It took me 3 years to learn to play a song in G key by playing the notes of D G A A C B and using a bass note. In 2007 I started the “Band of the World” YouTube channel. The channel allows live guitar performances and I can play with my band, just the way the song is written (by me, I hope).

I started recording my shows with my band “Band of the World”. Since that time I recorded some 15 albums of live music. This is the story of how I became a successful indie musician.

All the songs that I’ve recorded with myself and my band have become an album called “Guitar Secrets and Technique.” If you like the songs enough you could buy the CD of these songs on iTunes.

As a result of all this I got noticed as an artist by my band “Band of the World.” One of the songs of “Band of the World” is called “Bold Guitar Solo.” This short guitar solo was written for the band by one of my guitar teachers. This small bit of knowledge helped me achieve my goal so easy. One of my favorite Youtube videos is the song “Take It Slow”. I have no idea why but I think this song is a favorite.

All the songs that I recorded were really written with my hands and not computers. I learned this because that is what I’m good at from my early years. To learn to play an instrument with your hands is extremely fun because you can play different parts of the tune with your fingers. It is also

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