Can I learn guitar at 45?

I’d like to learn guitar at 45 as well. That’s what I’d be playing if I could.

Do you find that you get a great response when you play at 45rpm?

You do, but you get a great response from your guitar too. I think that as an adult you begin to learn to play at 45, and as a teen you’re still learning at 45 so if you want to be a better professional musician, you need to do 35.

You’ve been working with a drummer this summer, do you find yourself playing with that type of drummer again?

I found that I was really happy with the music that my drum teacher and the drummer had recorded. But as a guitar player too it seemed that I’d learned more in the two week session I’d done in Germany than I could have ever done if I’d played the entire time.

Have you recorded with more than one drummer?

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Yes. I’m working with a drummer from France. He’s a great guy and a wonderful drummer. He’s also very good in the studio and plays with many great bands. I’m also working with a man from Poland. He’s a good drummer too. His name is Jacek Boguszewski and he plays with a new band named Kuba. They’re a new band but some of their songs are all over the place. They’re playing all over the place, really interesting. I’m really enjoying working with Jacek and Kuba.

Were you hoping to be doing this for a really long time?

Yeah, in a way I felt this time with my solo album that I’d be finished, that I’d be in the position that I’m at now… I don’t know if it was a conscious decision but my view was that if I continued to work with the record label after this that I would feel guilty not to. I’m lucky enough to be playing guitar professionally and if I didn’t do this it would just be easier to just keep playing guitar because that’s what I’m good at. I do feel slightly guilty about not doing the whole time, but it’s my intention to stay doing some really interesting stuff that I’m really excited about. So I feel better about that than not doing this.

I read it in the interviews that you said you’re trying to be more musical and less instrumental. Are you doing that with your recordings?

I am, yes. We’ve played with a lot of