What do you wear to a Great Gatsby party? – Real1920’s Flapper Dress Images

Cherry (pumpkin-orange sweater, floral print skirt, skinny jeans; “Heaven Is a Place on Earth” necklace), jeans, black sneakers.

What do you do in the morning?

Sleep, work online, eat lunch, read (the new American classic) … a good book, or coffee.

Who is your idol?

Fujita: It has to be someone who can help people. My idols are teachers who know when to use their power, and people who listen to their gut.

What do you like about Boston?

A beautiful, old town. There is lots of history there and lots of art. Many people live in my neighborhood—it’s a little weird and not exactly homey. I miss home.

Do you want to be in Boston?

Probably in ten years, yes. If it takes that long, I’ll probably go back to Canada. But I still remember those wonderful times.

Does anyone ever call you a Canadian?

Oh hell no—nobody says anything. I’m not supposed to speak.

Do you miss Boston?

Absolutely. We can all use a warm welcome back.

How should people get you on the telephone?

I’m good at finding phone boxes for my home. This is my best tip: I’m the only American on my block. And there’s an old guy who lives across the street; we sometimes call each other by name. He’s the one who’s not afraid of a good cry and doesn’t want to talk long!

Is it okay if I tell people you’re an American?

That’s it! And no-no with that one where they ask me if it’s OK for me to call myself American. I’m fine with it.

Why would my favorite band be good for me?

My favorite band—yes I’m a Boston fan—is the Grateful Dead. I don’t think you can replace that in just about any other time!

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