Month: July 2020

What is Marcelled hair?

Marcelled hair is considered a unique type of hair (like a braid or a split). Its distinctive curly tresses have been created by weaving the fibers together, cutting, or combing them into long, tight braids. This is called “briding.” Most popularly, brides use them to cover their hair for a formal wedding where guests can …

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Did flappers wear boas?

How do the flappers at Disneyland get away with wearing so many different outfits? How do they get that way? Flappers at Disneyland To understand more about the world of Disneyland’s flappers, check out this article. What do Disneyland’s flappers wear at night? This has some interesting answers. Disneyland’s Flappers are dressed in more vibrant …

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