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A producer is someone who makes films – or records – for the purpose of selling them. It’s very difficult to prove that it’s not a producer, but because copyright is a business relationship, an established producer can be more than a good friend or friend of directors, because of the power that it has over those two people.

But, of course – the whole point of a producer being a producer is that I don’t have to work with you and you don’t need to be interested in doing anything with me.

The reason it’s difficult and, frankly, ridiculous to prove that it’s a director is because if you work with them, a lot of those things that you need a producer to do are already covered by your contract with the distributor. In fact, it would be incredibly difficult to find someone, anywhere who would be interested in making your film without your permission, even if you want them to do so.
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On the other hand, if a producer’s role is in the production of a film – the process takes a long time and the time cost really becomes quite apparent as the film is made – you can be pretty sure that the actual director is very much involved and, yes, that director will be involved in the writing of the script and, as well as the directing, the script will in fact have to be changed and, yes, the editor will have to be involved in every stage.

So, I get it, if I’m an indie filmmaker and someone wants to give me £1m to make one film, I don’t feel particularly bad about them. To me, the money is just another thing that should be negotiated with the person who owns the money. I don’t feel that it’s my responsibility to make my film or sell it to someone else because I understand the economics of it. I also understand, in theory, that I can work with my own film – one that is based on my own idea – and try to turn it into something which, in theory, I am able to sell to somebody else without them having to pay for the rights.

You might have already felt this, I hope. I’m sure you do!

“On the outside looking in, I always wonder, who made Me and You and Everybody, which is a really good movie?”

There’s another big difference between the indie film and the major-studio film. The indie film has to be an independent film. Whereas, in the major film, the indie

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