Is a degree in film worth it? – How To Make A Short Film In One Day

Yes. You will love it.

Can you do it yourself? Yes, but it’s complicated. You have to read all the academic books. So we will tell them you can.

How long does a course in film get you? Two years. There’s just so much going on and there’s no way to keep track of it all.

What has your education taught you about film? For starters, a degree means you can be a student. You get to go to the best class you can possibly find for what you’d like to do. Then, there’s an enormous opportunity to put your career first. That’s all you need.
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How long after that can you get a job? You need to be doing research in the field you want to enter, and that takes at least a year.

When are you ready to take up a job? You are more prepared when you have got experience. That’s what they call “training wheels.”

Why film? For two reasons. First, you get to see how the human being works. I think there’s more human in the human being than you see. Second, there’s a human story, which you really feel the drama of. You can’t see it, but the human being will tell you a story of how it is going to be.

Do you watch acting before taking that part? No. You learn more from reading newspapers or from books — and there’s just too much going on and you have to be very selective.

How many hours a day do you sleep? I do. I’ve got to be in shape.

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