How much do indie filmmakers make? – Documentary Filmmaking Pdf

There are a number of small budget indies that make a living, even if their budgets are very small. This number is so high because it takes a lot of hard work and time to make a decent living from one day to the next. However, the smaller the budget the more money you will make.

It’s worth noting that you will also need to keep a few costs in mind when making the film, including crew costs and transportation costs. Here is a good list from our friends at Kickstarter to get an idea of what kind of costs you should keep in mind with your film:

Cost of Production: $0

Cameras: $25-$300

Editing: $12-$40 ($0 if in a small budget)

Color Correction: $1-$6

Audio Mixing: $13-30 ($0 if in a small budget)

Promotional costs: $10-$35 (depending how crazy a small budget film is, see details below)

Directors: $10-20

Props/Costumes/Graphic Design: $0-$8 (depending on their budget)

Distribution: $0-$15 (depending on who you go with)

Marketing: $10-$35

Hospitality costs: $0-$3-$3.5

Legal fees: $0-$12

All of the above will fall under your overall budget. So, if you have $10k and you want to make a $10k indie film, you would also need to spend $10k to get from production to a release date. Not very cheap. But you could make some serious change to your budget if you made this assumption. If you really like your movie, and you make your budget smaller, then you can afford to go above and beyond in your film and even make some major upgrades and changes.

A small budget doesn’t necessarily mean your movie will suck. With a small budget, you could cut costs like a crazy person. You would also have a chance to expand the film, and add a lot of scenes, or a lot more action. You could cut every cost from production to distribution. You might have your own crew, or have a small crew but hire a larger team.

Also, not every indie filmmaker will fall into the “making a movie on a budget” category, especially if you don’t know your film. You may want to consider if you

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