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Can I make this project? These are the questions that often go unanswered and it isn’t like I was planning and rehearsing for everything, it was just the perfect project and the best time for my life.

But then I got lucky. In 2012, the film came out with amazing reviews and it was a massive success. My co-writer and director, Jason Heidnold, and I were also on the same page and we decided to do another film with the same producer, Jeff Bewkes, so as well. We ended up calling them The Mummy. The film was incredible. It was released on VOD last year and I was happy that it was a huge success both critically and financially.

A lot of people wondered what it’s like being such a prolific director, how does it feel to be working for a producer like that? I think you should know why the studio wants to work with you.

I think that Jeff is such a talented director and is a very generous and generous man, and he let me be in all the meetings. I would always say, “Hey, we want to meet you. If you can let us know when you need something, we can get it for you.” To be totally honest, I think it went fine and there was no animosity (like in the past). But a lot of times it makes your job a lot more stressful. They’re usually happy for you to be involved.

If you are not in the studio, or if the studio is not interested in you, are you afraid of people that you don’t know?

Not at all. I mean, if there’s a bad guy it’s going to be a tough call, right? But I’ve never been scared of anyone. I think they should trust me, and I think Jeff does too. He has good judgment and his film is good. I think at some point we have to start trusting producers again, like I don’t think it’s ever safe. I feel like that happened in the past with some people.

Do you think that sometimes you just can’t trust these people?
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I think it depends on a lot of things. I’m not one of those people that is always going to say no to anyone. But, you know, if you’re working with someone and you’re not happy, then you might have the freedom to say that to them. But it comes across very badly in interviews and not in the final product. I love

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