Can you work in film without a degree? – Modern Techniques In Neuroscience Research Prize

You should think twice about trying to start your career in film. Film schools have a much greater focus on traditional acting and you don’t get the same opportunities for independent work. The only film school that I’m aware of has a degree in directing and another in editing and cinematography and those are just courses in a non-linear format which are not ideal for the aspiring independent filmmaker who only wants to be in one film.

What advice would you give someone looking to work in film?

Start working with some of your favourite actors. Actors are more receptive to ideas than you think they are. They may not like what you do, but the more you see them, the more you’ll love them. Go out where there is a lot of talent in a room, not in a room of people who think ‘I am doing the job’. This is the main lesson I learnt when I wrote for Hollywood (Hollywood and other parts of the US have many of those types of audiences, like the British and Chinese).

What’s next for you?

I will be filming next year with the National Theatre in London and soon shoot a project.

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And a more serious question: if you could only give one gift to someone, what would it be?

I would probably tell them to work harder

Thank you for the interview and welcome to the team at Indie Game Dev Tycoon!

I had an experience once, where my mother took me to the nearest bar and I had the greatest time on what was, at the time, a Sunday. At about 8 pm, she was talking about the games she played. It was a conversation. We were in an all-male room at this place, and every now and then she would ask me a question. That topic wouldn’t have a meaning to me until I saw how it could be used to manipulate her or use against her. She asked about the day of the week, which was usually a weekday. I’d say something vague on that, like, well, the moon was full or something. She would usually nod along with it, and then I would say something like, well, I wasn’t sure. She’d say, “No, that isn’t it, you should ask. Look at the moon.” After a few seconds, I would ask what she meant. She would say, “Well, it is at the bottom of the sign. You might want to look.” So I would ask whether she was certain the moon

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