Can short films make money? – Inspirational Quotes About Filmmaking Equipment For Cheap

Short films can earn money, but you have to have a solid marketing campaign with strong social media, which is why you can’t just hire a few people and try to make your product without social media. It’s a massive challenge. With social media you can spread your message to your viewers without fear of being deleted. The trick is to make money.

Who would you pay for your short film?

The majority of short films that make money on Kickstarter are commercial productions, but we also saw a lot of short films that had great ideas for an educational short film, an experimental film, a documentary, or something fun.

What’s the most difficult part?

The hardest part is knowing the audience, and knowing what to say and what not to, because we don’t have a script. You can just have a trailer but you can’t tell someone what is the idea or not that will sell them on a short film. It’s really hard finding the right answer.

How do you feel about your short films going mainstream?

If you make a good short film, what would happen? You go to Cannes, and it’s on the top of the festival. For most of us it’s like a dream, but it’s nothing we want to do for every day of every week all day, you know? It’s just something fun. We do it to have a good time and to see new things. As long time filmmakers that have worked on projects on the side for a few years, even when we know our short has won awards or been shown at Sundance, it’s always exciting to see things that nobody has seen before. That’s the reason. It’s a huge honor. Sometimes it makes you really angry that a little film can get this much attention.

What’s the best advice you could give someone starting up a new career?

If you want to make movies you have to be good at it, and you have to spend a lot of time on your craft. It’s hard like any other job because you work hard at your craft, you take care of your kids, you get to know a lot of different people inside the industry. Also, I don’t think anyone wants to work hard at something they don’t know because it’s going to take years before they want to go back to it. You need to do it. Work on it constantly because it’s an important part of what you want to do. It’s important for your career.

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