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For inspiration, there was a few great ones when I was a kid from a cartoon, a painting, and everything that’s just in the book, right?

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KH: For me, the most inspiring comic book is the one you wrote to get into comics in the first place. This is the one you made yourself as a kid, right?

AW: Absolutely. I remember the first one I drew that I was actually able to print out. I went to school, and I had been getting a whole lot of letters from girls about how, oh my God, what I love about you (laughs). It was something like that. I remember going back to the library, and I picked up The Shadow of the Colossus, and I was like, “Now, how do I bring this into the world. How this whole idea of… this idea about trying to turn off someone’s brain and turning on their powers in a way… and just turning their face on their hands when they’re asleep, and you take that to this far? And so I took that and I just took it and I just ripped it and I ripped it apart. And I tore it up inside of itself. So it was something that I had to make some sort of comic book. For me, that was a challenge as a child, was trying to turn off that person’s brain and turn on his powers and just in the strangest way.

KH: To write that and then to translate that into this amazing world it’s become a part of.

AW: If my memory serves, it was called The Shadow Empire (laughs). And so I did a book about it – which I got into for free – but then I wrote a book for it called The Shadow of the Colossus: A Hero’s Journey. It’s a story about a character who was able to just turn off the brain. And I was trying to be this character of sort of trying to make the world a better place. But also at the same time – and again, it’s in the book – there are people who are also trying to help the people in that world, or the people in that city that are unable to see the future, which is pretty much all of the heroes on the book.

Now, the thing that I think is particularly cool about that book – and it isn’t just about The Shadow. If you look at any of the other books The Shadow of the Colossus is in, there are plenty of other characters

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