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They are supposed to have small “bubbles” in the middle where they form and move, and in order to do that, they must move towards each other, in a direction of about 45 degrees. That is called a “pull.” The problem is that it can’t be done with a brush because it’s not a real circle, it’s a line. What you would need is a “circle brush,” which is a pencil on a flat surface that, in essence, has no angle. So you make it bigger and use that to fill the gap in between the bubbles, which are very small. You will have to be careful that the line doesn’t go too high and too low, but you will get the result. To use it, draw in the area of the lower one with the first color, then use the second one to fill the gap. A pencil on paper like that will be perfect. Of course, any color that is used will work. The only thing not true of a pencil brush: A white surface can’t be turned into a black surface by using it. As you drew it, you have the choice to move it, but only on the black side. If you use a lighter color, it will only draw one color, and if you use another color, it will have another effect. So the trick is to get a “color that can move, but not too much.”

What kind of pencil do you use? I know that it depends on the paper. Some papers are good for a pencil brush because they have thin brushes, but they are hard to use because the bristles can’t be pushed out. Those kinds of paper work very well for using a pencil brush. For some pieces, on the other hand, I prefer to use a larger brush that is fine, so that it is easy to manipulate. Then I use a black and white line to make sure that all elements remain black. Then with a pen or a brush, I can paint all shapes. A pen or a brush can be turned into any kind of brush as well, so you may use both. If the brush is very fine, you can paint with the tip and make it very tiny, and make the points bigger; by that way, it becomes a much deeper point.

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Which kind is best? I like to use medium. Not that it has to be black or white, but I use medium in cases where I want something that is thinner and it’s easy to control.

What kind of

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