How do you draw a race car? – How To Draw Cars Step By Step Easy Braids For Boys

A racetrack? How did they do it?”

“Race cars!” said the driver, “Oh, sure, that’s not the real question. It’s what you’re not allowed to draw: ‘Race tracks.'”

“Wait a minute,” said the engineer, “so what exactly is that you’re saying? If that’s true, why can’t we make any cars as good as race cars?”

“A car,” said the driver, “is built specifically to take a race track, throw it’s drivers in it, and turn it on its ear. We’ve done that a few of times, with some success. But you know what happened when you did that once? We ran into a brick wall, and you could just turn off the track!”
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“But…but…” said the engineer.

“It’s true,” said the driver, “but I don’t tell stories on radio. The reason we ran into that brick wall is -”

“You could just turn off the track,” said the engineer.

“No you didn’t,” said the driver. “Your race car has a powerplant, and a computer. You would’ve used one or the other to keep the lap time under control. Which would’ve saved the engineers a lot of time.”

“You know what we could’ve done?” replied the engineer. “Let’s give out free fuel. If you can’t catch a car, go over the next one, then the last one, and when you’ve pulled that one back from the wall, you’ve got a fuel supply. In your cars, there are so many engines, you only need one.”

The driver nodded, and gave a thumbs up gesture. Suddenly the car started moving, and he turned to the engineer.

“Do you know what my race car weighs?”

“More than you think it does,” said the engineer.

“Well,” said the driver, “if you’ve got enough muscle to lift the car, you should have plenty of fuel to keep going.”

“Yeah, but the engineer wants to make sure we don’t run on oil,” said the engineer. “Well guess what? We don’t have any oil!”

“There’s no way he’s telling the truth.”

“Oh yeah! He’s lying!” exclaimed the driver. “He’s telling me we’re a bit heavier than we really are. But then,” he said,

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