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It’s the most difficult thing you can do in racing. And the easiest,” he continued. “I think what’s special about NASCAR is that it is so exciting, you want to be part of it and take the chances.”

Wagner also explained how he uses the media to promote the sport.

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“I’ve used the media to promote our sport for 18 years. I’d say more than 80% of what you see, hear and read, I’ve done in some way,” he said. “So you get a unique insight from that. But you have to be a little bit selective. You don’t think, ‘I must put myself on TV.'”

But what about when it’s about what you really want to say? He answered with a quote from fellow driver Jeff Gordon at the 2009 NASCAR Xfinity Series race at Bristol.

“I’ve been driving for 20 years and I know that there are a lot of guys who have been trying to make it. I think what he meant was you have to be an athlete to be successful, and I think everybody wants a chance to do that and everyone knows that you get to do things that you really wanted to do,” he said. “I was there, and I know it sounds funny, but when you’re there and you’re the big favorite, you go out there and you think, ‘Well, I’m going to make some money, I’m going to race, who cares!'”

One last point to make about NASCAR is that it was a team sport with its own championships. There’s still that, but there’s really not really another sport that’s got that many championships as well.

If you look at the NASCAR Cup Series and the NASCAR Monster Energy Series, there’s a very high level of parity, as well. At this year’s Monster Energy 200, which you can watch online this weekend, teams are fighting for the Sprint Cup drivers’ championship and then the Monster Energy Series drivers’ series crown, which is a title like the Cup Series. At least, you could say that’s how parity works when it’s about winning. And if you want more of a NASCAR-like balance of power, there’s the NASCAR Xfinity series, with drivers fighting for the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East points titles in the middle of the season. The Xfinity series is not comparable to what you find in the National Weather Service Championship’s Cup Series, which is the top-tier of NASCAR and the

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