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Write. Write and write until you’ve got something that you like — it doesn’t matter how big or small, as long as you know how your words sound. Then draw. Draw the picture that you’ve written. You are the writer, so draw.

If you’re more of a “typical” type fan, you go by the rules. If you’re not, then go by whether or not you read these rules at all. Either way, you probably know how to draw. (If your drawing stuff is decent enough that you can write down the steps of it, you’ve found you can easily draw.)

A typical “typical” “picture” (from above): I like to write my name below, as does my wife. I find I can do this, because, in general, my name is above my wife’s head, and I think that makes the point more clearly, whereas, I’d rather have my name below the woman’s head.

I can’t do more than one thing at a time, so when my wife comes home (either on the phone or in person), I’d start doing her, and she’d move on to my writing or whatever. If she starts talking about someone, or me — oh, if she has to leave any of those things out — I try to do her first without worrying about how my writing is going to be affected by her. Sometimes my wife has to go away somewhere, too, so I just write, or start a sentence, and, she comes back and we continue to discuss topics. Usually I can’t control her, so I try to do this before she makes her exit, then finish, as much as I can, while she’s there. When she is gone and I don’t have to go, I try to do whatever she told me to, and sometimes I don’t know what she told me to, for whatever reason. Sometimes I think this is great.

I’ve never found that I don’t like the pictures of my wife. When she is not around, I put my sketch pad or my laptop away, and draw. Occasionally, I forget, in good company. (When a few more pictures come in at once, I start scribbling down what I want to do with them.) When I’ve written and then drawn, I have a general idea, and then I do the rest.

You can probably see from the above that I sometimes am better in the early stages of writing

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