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That’s always something you need to consider,” Miller advises. “Sometimes this is a tough one to figure out, but the first thing to consider is what makes your project sell. What kind of people want to buy the product? How should you approach that?”

If it’s something that you know would appeal to your potential customers, Miller says, “You may feel like you have to cut yourself off from the market. That’s definitely not a good thing. There are so many good products that can be developed through your product, that the more value you put into your project – the more it can sell.”

The best method for getting the word out to potential buyers is to get them to try a few ideas at home first:

Create lots of prototypes – Miller suggests buying several small prototypes that each have different features that can be added later. “Don’t just do what works for you in a store,” she advises. “Try experimenting with all kinds of materials and different types of designs … and see what doesn’t work.”

Take it on Kickstarter or IndieGoGo – If you can’t afford to try out something yourself, then you can still learn about it there. Don’t worry about reaching everyone – Miller suggests looking as high or low as you feel like. “If you don’t get a lot of interest, it doesn’t mean it won’t change your thinking on it.”

Keep it simple – If you have the means and time to develop your own product, start small and refine it as you go. “We don’t know exactly what people want yet,” Miller warns of the Kickstarter process. “If you find something that you just think is going to do well, go for it. The more people you reach, the more likely someone else will be trying it, so in time you’ll be getting requests from people all over the world trying to get the product they want.”

“For many items, I think you can get away with starting out small and experimenting, and eventually getting people into it and finding out ‘This is worth trying!'” Miller concludes. “And then when you’re convinced, take it big.”

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