What skills do you need to be a woodworker? – Starting A Wood Furniture Business

My most used woodworking tools are:

Waxed Paper

Sharpening/scraping tools


Staple gun

Tape measure


Paint stick

Paint brushes


Sanding wheels

Woodworking sandpaper (if this is too much for you, consider buying a sanding block and buying a sanding pad or paint)

For more information, I’d suggest checking out Woodworker.net or other online resources like the Woodworker’s Guide.

Where do you live?

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, in San Francisco, California.

Are your skills a big deal in San Francisco?

Yes. There is a lot more craftsmanship in San Francisco than you may be used to. We have a lot of furniture makers and carpenters, but there are more hobbyists, artisans, and even craft fairs in the city that I love so much.

What made you learn how to do woodworking? You mentioned that you’ve been collecting woodworking tools. How did you discover woodworking?

I found a used woodworking book on eBay awhile back and I got hooked. This book became a source of inspiration when I started working with a machine shop (we have our own) and the tools in that shop allowed me to design and implement some of the ideas in a more formal manner. I still really enjoy building my own things though, so I don’t feel limited in this area!

In your book, you talk about how you’ve been inspired by the craft of woodworking. How did you discover your new interest in woodworking?

I was inspired by a friend who moved to Portland, Oregon with his family, and I knew I had to come visit and learn some of the local crafts there. When he and I first met, he told me about the artisans and craftsmen, and I bought the book out of my love for the craft and for the people that made it. I learned about more of the tools and techniques that are prevalent in Oregon, and about some of the unique ways that I can make a workbench out of a box and make things into working items that are unique and unique. At first, I wanted to make everything I could out of it. Later on with more of the tools and materials I built my own craftsmen’s workshop, and I decided to start

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