What sewing items sell best? – Woodworking Business Plans

To answer this question, we used two questions that are commonly asked of sewing manufacturers.

We first calculated the average sales price for each of the products sold. Second, we collected data on the price-per-unit, using the following formula:

Price-per-unit = Net Cost ÷ (1 + Sales Price)

We then calculated each item’s sales price and sales price-per-unit using the average price per unit of all items we examined. We eliminated those items that didn’t have reasonable sales prices or could not be grouped into their specific categories. All of these items were grouped into sewing machines.

We did not include any items that aren’t sold into sewing machines because, as a rule of thumb, it is easier to find a specific sewing machine than to sort through an incredibly varied shopping field.

We also excluded any products that were only sold in a single shop—we are also excluding any items listed on eBay and/or other sites that have no online presence—because of their low selling prices. This leaves 15 items, or roughly 19.5%, of the total number of items we examined for comparison purposes.

For a more detailed description and explanation of each item, or to see detailed sales prices for some items, click on the following link:

How much should I make per year before a sewing machine?

This is a more difficult question to answer since the answer is dependent on one’s sewing skills. For a beginners, we encourage you to use the calculator below which gives advice about how much you should make for a year and what this will actually help you with.

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Here are some examples of how this calculator can be used:

For a beginner:

A machine-detergents or hand-heaters can easily cover the $5/month per-unit range, and thus you can make approximately $500 per year without ever actually sewing on a sewing machine.

For a $50/month price range, we recommend a pair of hand-heating machines. These cost over $500 and require a minimum of 10 hours of time and at least 3 hours of daily practice per week. In this case, you should be able to get about $1500-1800 per year for sewing.

For a $50/month price range without hand-heating equipment, we recommend either a sewee cloth or a hand-towel.

For a $125/month price range

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