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The ability to turn in-game currency into real-world currency that can be used in-game.

The ability to earn an income by selling digital items.

The ability to buy items through the Steam Marketplace and then sell them at a reasonable profit.

The ability to sell goods at a reasonable rate using Steam’s API.

The ability to share items with friends through Steam Workshop.

Not the end of it…

The full list of things we want to provide, in addition to the new in-game item systems, is below :

More realistic prices and prices of digital items. (e.g. prices for the various items listed below)

Steam Workshop integration. We want to support items that are purchased using in-game currency, such as the new ‘Slay Weapon’ items which use real world money.

A set of tools for adding items to your collection.

A dedicated in-game trading card system with a variety of cards for sale.

A list of in-game currencies, in addition to coins, that we will provide, depending on the success of the Greenlight campaign. In addition to the items listed below, we want to provide other things as well. As an example, we have a great deal of interest in a third currency as well.

More realistic pricing and prices of Steam items. (e.g. items that can be bought with real money)

Full price and price comparisons of digital games.

A list of games currently on Steam, based on sales data. If a game is not already on Steam, we’ll update this as well.

A list of games that sell well on Steam.

Any and all improvements to Steam in general, such as an interface update, better support for multiple keyboard layouts, improvements to the API, more support for Steamworks, etc.

Our current approach (and this is what we plan to do, in some large measure)

Our first step, our first step, is to make improvements to Steam. We have a few ideas for improving the Steam Store that are fairly small and straightforward (including removing some items, including those that require buying, and adding them to the sale catalog). We’ve considered these ideas, and they should be a good start.

In addition, we’re considering what we can do to make Steam as fun and inviting as possible, by making the store feel a little more like a marketplace.

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