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How to choose a good teacher?

Are there any tricks you can give beginners?

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I have been teaching craft for 5 years and have been in more than 50 craft conferences. I have learned lots from my craft mentors. I think my style gives me different benefits that many others cannot provide.

There are many more tips I can give you but I will get to that later. Before we get into this I want to share some of the ways in which I make my income.

Most of those tips are really easy to implement. For example, if I had to get out of school I could spend 4 days on my Etsy Shop. For more ideas on how to make money online check out our blog post How to make money as a photographer online with $50 in affiliate income

I have to say the one thing that really sets me apart from my craft peers is that I have no debts. Although that will change in the future, right now I only have a $50 Amazon gift card in cash to my name. I have no way of paying off debts that I do not currently hold, so you could say my credit history is great.

I’ve spent a lot of time studying craft related books and websites. I believe that all crafts can be done online and I think that many people should start doing that as that is the only way to be able to continue to learn from your peers and learn from the pros.

We have a section below called “What was the hardest/easiest thing to get started with?” where we discuss the hardest and easiest craft to get started with.

What is the best craft to make money on?

This is a broad question that varies with each person.

I think it is good to start simple because it only takes a day or two to learn how to make money online and that only teaches you a few tools to be able make money online.

When making money online is the easiest thing to do. The hardest part about making money online is making money in your niche.

If you know how to make money online and aren’t really sure where to start then go with Amazon as it is a very easy way to get started online. You will see the Amazon affiliate links and you can learn how to earn a small percentage of that.

You might want to be more strategic and focus on something that takes time to put in and you can start with a niche specific craft as opposed to something that is very easy

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