What is the best craft to make money? – Custom Woodworking Business Near Me 54115

I believe a few things come to mind. In a country full of poor people, people are always looking for “dollars to spend,” so I don’t have any particular craft to recommend:

1. Sell your stuff on eBay. This is the place to find what people are looking for and what the market prices are.

2. Become an online sales person to sell your stuff. If you are new to this, you need to have a blog and sell it on there. And be ready to offer more than just an e-book about it like so many people do.

3. Sell your stuff on Amazon Marketplace, as long as you don’t try to make an online auction. I wouldn’t recommend that unless you have the time to do it.

One of the things I do when I get paid to write books is I get paid to write a newsletter. So I am a bit of a writer’s assistant, so I do that as well. So when I sell my stuff and I get paid by the word of mouth, it’s usually my stuff.
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6. Do you have any advice would you give to young people who want to change their life and make more money in a matter of hours?

Well, I would try to learn about money because once you have some background with money, all the things you hear about work…it is very easy to fall into a trap.

Somebody will tell you to get out there and spend your money; then he will say, “Well, you just spend your money on coffee and a bagel.”

Then I say, “Yeah…that’s what people do—they buy things. But that’s not right. Do what people do—they spend their money on their passion.”

So find what makes you happy, buy a few things that make you happy, and share those with your friends when you can.

And then once you learn something about finances or spending can be changed, it makes sense to do more of it.

7. How can we achieve our personal goals without being a slave to money?

Many people get trapped as to what they can do and how much money they can spend.

If you just have a single thing that you’re passionate and passionate about—whether that be music, writing or playing the piano, anything you love to do—make it your career. Go out, write songs or play the piano, or whatever.


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