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Woodworking… what do you need to know? A professional woodworker is someone who has the necessary knowledge, skill and skills to build a building from the ground, up, or down… from the ground up. The term professionals includes those who are licensed architects and building trades professionals. An architect, if certified, also qualifies as having certain training or knowledge in the arts of architecture. Professional woodworkers are usually considered to be skilled craftsmen who need only moderate to high skill. The term also includes those professionals who are skilled with woodworking tools in order to complete the job. However, because woodworking instruments such as saws and planes are commonly used, the term is less commonly used for those who hold no woodworking credentials and instead use a saw or plane. The term professional wood worker is frequently confused with a “carpenter” because of the same similarity. It is not uncommon to hear the term professional woodworker used by home builders, homeowners and contractors.

What kinds of woodworking work do professional woodworkers do? Professional woodworkers create all kinds of woodworking projects. One of the most popular works is turning wood. There are many ways to do this, but most of their work is hand-turning, using a hand tool called a router; using saws and planes for finer work; and using glue sticks, dowels or wire to achieve even more intricate work. The first two methods, which include hand-turning and router-turning, are very popular for home use. The most common job done by professional woodworkers includes making furniture. Although that may be a very popular trade, the jobs that are generally done do not require much skill or attention to detail. In those cases, they are often done by home handymen and other handy persons; and if they are not done by home users who have some skills, then at least they are done by someone who is competent in a particular craft, which may be one or more of the following, if not all:

• Woodworker • Woodcarver • Woodmaker: A term used to refer to people who spend more time learning how to design, make and fit furniture in their homes than anyone else. The term woodcarver also implies that they are skilled and do not spend the majority of the time doing the work needed. • Woodworker • Woodturner: A term used to describe people who know the principles of woodturning and use these principles to create unique furniture and decorative items. They may be skilled and have many tools

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