What is a good name for a woodworking business? – Woodworking Slogans For Business

That’s a different problem. It just depends on your situation. My woodworking business is called WoodTruck.

I want to sell trucks, I don’t want to sell woodworking parts. Why not?

For a name that is specific, unique, and meaningful, it’s a good thing.

For woodworking parts, you may want to use a name that is more common. “Salewood”, for example — but that’s too specific. If you are selling woodworking parts, you will want something that’s more appropriate for a store like Target, Wal-Mart, etc.

How do I figure out the perfect woodworking name?

This is a great time for me to share some advice with you about the name of my woodworking business, because I find that every business needs a good name. Every name tells you what your business is about, where it comes from, what its focus is, and where it is headed.

1. Choose something that resonates with customers.

I call my business WoodTruck because what goes on when you turn on your truck, and get that first impression of a wood truck?

The sound that you hear when the door swings open is not just a door that is locked. It is a door that is swinging.

What a good woodworking name will do is give you an idea of what your woodworking business is about, and why you wanted that particular name used.

For example, I always joke that my business is a small shop that builds custom wood working, that it’s what I call Wood Truck. My customers will know that from the sound of their car door when it opens.

2. Think outside the box on your first name.

Do you think I would tell my friends that I am designing a custom woodworking truck? I don’t like that suggestion. It means that someone is expecting that the custom woodworking truck that I design will look like that.

If you are choosing a woodworking name for your woodworking business, you want to think outside the box.

3. Think about a story.

Do you remember the first time you picked up a guitar? If so, you may have already thought about a good woodworking business name, because you remember the story that you heard about how your parents came up with that name.

A good story tells you why your customers are going to want to get into your business.

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