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The best and simplest way to find the answer to that question is to try to imagine what a good name for your woodworking business is.

I’ve been in business since the 60’s. It is hard for me to imagine that it will all go away.

As of today, November 21, there is currently an international agreement in place that may prevent Iran from accessing the U.S.-backed International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) facilities through military strike. The U.S. and the IAEA signed the agreement, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPA), in June 2015. The agreement provides a series of “secondary sanctions” that may be imposed against Iran under the terms of the agreement if Tehran does not take steps to satisfy a set of requirements for accessing the agency’s facilities.

It is unclear, however, at what point a strike against Iran can be considered an “imminent” threat to U.S. national security and therefore a violation of the agreement. While the International Atomic Energy Agency is not a military body and could be targeted, the agency’s assets are not limited to facilities that produce weapons-usable nuclear material.

President Obama signed the agreement into law, after a series of briefings to Congress concerning Iran’s nuclear program. In June, the President signed a Presidential Policy Directive (PPD) calling for military options over Iran’s nuclear program. This directive was issued in response to the IAEA’s June 2015 report that Iran was in “technical compliance” with the agreement while noting that the implementation of the agreement “may or may not [be] compatible with an attack.”

There are two points in the PPD that may trigger an attack against Iran under IAEA’s interpretation of the agreement. First, the PPD states that the IAEA “may impose Additional Security Sanctions on individuals, entities, and entities of the Islamic Republic of Iran… on its own initiative or on its own initiative and in its exercise of its legitimate authorities based on [a] particular threat in the context of a specific Security Council decision, request, or recommendation….” If this directive became operational, it would allow for U.S.-type targeted sanctions against Iran’s military and scientific-critical sectors. Second, the PPD states that the “sanctions shall be in addition to, and in lieu of, primary sanctions to which Iran is subject.” Under the PPD, these are “secondary sanctions that may be imposed against the Iranian entity that is identified

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