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One of the first questions on Etsy that I’m asked is whether or not handmade wood items sell best.

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What does it mean that handmade items sell best?

Simply put, handmade items that aren’t made to order or in bulk sell best. It’s because consumers are more interested in buying handmade items than handmade, massproduced items.

How do people buy handmade wood items?

Here are a few ways to find sellers:

Sellers, when the listing description says something like, “a piece of wood that I handcrafted from cherry wood, oak, maple or pine” are selling with passion. They are trying to sell you on their desire to craft an item.

What if I see a seller doing something “not handmade” and telling you to just browse?

First off, what do you find in a handmade item?

Wooden items are made using a range of materials. What do you see in those lists?

Purchasing materials for a project that is not handmade does not mean that the item doesn’t meet the definition.

What does handmade mean anyway? Does it imply some hand-crafted quality?

Hobbyist, artisanal and handcrafted, are distinct terms and describe the same activity. There is nothing wrong with having a hobby, but if you aren’t making things from scratch as you do at home, you aren’t making handmade, artisanal, or handmade.

If you use these terms to define your business, you will be taken to the most reputable sellers in your area. If someone comes to you wanting a “hobby,” be prepared to get the word “home workshop” and a “handmade” word in.

What are the differences between handmade wood items and furniture?

So you know what handmade wood items are, but how do they differ? Here are a few differences to keep in mind:

Handmade Wood – The wooden item is one that has been hand made through a process that includes a number of steps to create and maintain a quality product. Most handmade items that look good and are functional are handmade. As with other crafts, “handmade” is an umbrella term that means the process used to craft has a lot of meaning and is not limited to wood.

Gathering – This refers to the gathering of wood as opposed to grinding it. To gather wood is to set up a saw as a means to separate the bark from the wood.

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