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It looks like the Internet hates this guy.

While watching a video of the man being pulled over, the video apparently caught the attention of some YouTube users.

According to the video’s owner, he saw an unidentified man get out of an SUV in front of him and then pull a handgun, saying he was going to shoot him.

“I wasn’t even paying attention as I was walking down the sidewalk as I’m waiting in line to enter a McDonald’s — a Walmart, some other people, somebody else walked by my window and he was out of the SUV, I was already in line to get into McDonald’s, as we were standing in line to be served in McDonald’s,” he said. “He pulled out a gun and I thought it was going to come out and I shot it out the window of the SUV.”

While the video may make you cringe, those who don’t like the man should watch the video a second time. If it makes you laugh, that’s great too!

The United States of America is known for being the birthplace of democracy. But in truth, the first American constitution may have been written at Lexington, Kentucky.

The founders of the newly-formed nation were not quite sure what they were doing when they wrote down their own political system. The founding fathers wrote their own document, known as the Articles of Confederation, in order to create the federal government with which they hoped to govern the colonies.

The document created an independent federal government that had no powers over the states and did not have local representation in Congress. The president became commander of the federal army, the House of Representatives was the legislative body for the states, and the Supreme Court was a neutral court created to decide questions of the constitutionality of legislation.

The Articles of Confederation were never ratified by the necessary number of states in order to form the federal government. There were 17 states that joined the union because they were dissatisfied with the Articles and wanted to replace them with their own constitution. However, none of these new states were granted the necessary number of states in order to approve the new document.

With no federal government, most of the state governments had no powers to act outside the framework of the Articles. Most of them didn’t sign the Constitution either because they worried that it would damage their economies. The two states that did ratify the Constitution were Virginia and South Carolina. It remains to be seen whether the new state government will follow suit.

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