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“The craft economy is a large, robust and increasingly valuable part of American society,” the BLS explains. “The labor force participation rate will increase during this time, as people look for work and increase their use of their skills. This means jobs for individuals are increasing, along with the demand for goods and services for this growing economy.”
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Why is the ‘craft economy’ hot?

Crafts makers have been a big part of modern life for thousands of years. Their work reflects modern values: craftsmanship, simplicity and quality.

“The best craft work starts with an idea. A single person, or team, often working together to create a new product can make a great idea come to life,” Koeppel says.

And in the future, when a person doesn’t need to be a craftsman anymore, there will likely be far fewer crafts for consumers to choose from.

The BLS looks at other trends to predict the direction of the economic landscape in 2020. Click through the gallery for a look at more of those trends.

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