What can I sell to make money fast?

You can’t really think of a lot of items here. If you’re starting out, I recommend one or two basic tools such as:

• A spreadsheet of the current market (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/8NdEi_Z7LpE2w1nPz1FQ8y4jk3wQ1hY1N_5c9QdZGqc/edit#gid=0).

• A google spreadsheet of items, prices and the current buyout price of a given item (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1L2xkVb9-vZj8xZfK4D0yJfMn_kIYQ0Q-WQ3R9m-d6Y1wQ/edit#gid=0).

(Don’t bother doing this for basic items, unless you are sure that you know exactly how to do a lot of calculations for it.)

• An account with ~200,000 IP. Don’t be a stranger! If you are, please contact me and we’ll set up an account for you. It will also be cheaper for many people (since some of us will never get those IPs) to just set up an account with just a credit card, but it will be way easier for you to actually sell on the AH. (This is even more important if you can sell to an account that has a lot of items for free.)

• Two different ways to create an alt account. It seems like it’s the easiest to just use two different accounts that you both set up to sell at the same price, but for some reason that seems to be hard to do right and has a few drawbacks. I’ve used one account for everything and another for some of the better/newer items. You may want to do a few of these (and possibly more) just to get used to it. For the best seller’s account (with the highest sell per minute) you probably want to make it a separate account just for that account and set it up as a different address on both accounts, since you could easily make a mistake and make the wrong sale.

This is the first tip I’d give for getting off the AH but if you have time, do some additional math and see if it makes any difference! You can see this by checking