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One of my passions, but I believe it’s not the only one. So I decided to try something new – and what I found was quite amazing! It turned out to be a very popular craft for the home. And the most sought after craft is craftwork with flowers. There are many different kinds and the best ones are made by flower workers.

If you are a collector, why do you collect handmade flowers?

I love them for their novelty value. Especially for their special features. And the very best ones are made by flower worker. For example, we have three types of rose which you can buy on Etsy, which you may want to buy as a gift in return for gifts. There are dozens of different roses and you can get even more different ones. And there is a lot of different reasons for collecting roses. And the most common one is just that I love flowers. When I was a child, I always liked to watch the sunset from a balcony and I always loved to collect raindrops. So flowers are definitely an activity which I would like to do one day in the future.

Are there any special tips you have to share with others who might be looking for a hobby?

I always try to make my instructions as simple as possible. For example, one day, I went to my garden and we had a big play at the plants but all of it turned out to be flowers from a nearby vine and it was very funny to see. But just to put it in perspective, if you have never done gardening, the idea of a flower garden is a lot easier. When you go to a large garden as a child you know what to do and what to avoid because everything is covered by weeds and bushes. But as you grow up, you learn everything new about them so this experience is the most valuable thing in the whole process. It also helps to give the flowers the attention which they really deserve.

What is the most valuable lesson you learned as a child, and what advice would you give now that you are a grownup?

For me, the best lesson was always about how small things can be so useful in the larger world and about how beautiful you really can make them with your hands. So for example, sometimes I take the leaves out of a shrub and use them for a garden project.

And also, the lessons were also great about how to remember things. For example, when you go through a shop the first thing I always remember

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