What are popular crafts to sell? – Woodworking Business At Home

You know, the things you love to do with your spare time. And of course, you can sell them too!

How much do you make in a day?

I make approximately 1,700 – 2,200 USD a month from Etsy. This is very much an hourly rate. So, if you get a small number of orders a day it works out well, and you get the profit while you have time to get those orders in.

How do you keep a busy life on this little hobby?
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I’m happy to take on projects. I’m working with my partner. So that I can travel and do a lot of my own shopping. Even while I’m traveling, we still get together every now and then to make or break something. So if I’m going to have to travel somewhere, I feel like I’m getting a lot done.

What is your favorite holiday?

Probably Christmas!

Best gift for a friend?

I love making something from scratch. I’m not very particular. I love to try anything. I’m always trying to make something special. I can make anything that I put my mind to.

What is your favorite recipe?

I don’t really like that many. It’s not like I want to have something different everyday.

Which of your products is your favorite?

A lot of my products are made from scratch. I’ve always made everything myself. So there’s a lot of different things I like making or doing.

Favorite holidays?

I love traveling, it’s a huge part of my life. I like a lot of holidays, but it’s just a matter of when I go to each one. The first holidays I went to, I made everything. I made Christmas, New Years’ Eve, etc., but it took me so long to get all of my stuff together, I didn’t have it up until Valentine’s Day. But since I’m in town every year I can make some holiday gifts. I might make a big pot of hot chocolate and maybe some nice flowers…

What is your most recent purchase?

I got an amazing pot of hot cocoa this week! I bought it at a party at the party store, and it was amazing. It was like really delicious coffee.

What’s your favorite gift or product?

I absolutely love my little card. It’s just an envelope with something sweet on one side and something cute

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