Is Woodworking an expensive hobby? – Custom Woodworking Business Near Me

Woodworking in Australia might not be as expensive as you might think, especially for beginner woodworkers!

The cost per unit varies depending on the wood species and the location; however, you can estimate the value of your materials by dividing the price for basic tools and work materials by your woodworking time.

The following chart provides an estimation of the cost of a basic 3-5 hour working day of the materials listed above. This is based on a cost of $200 per day for a beginner woodworker. The cost may not be reflective of the actual cost of woodworking in a particular area.

Average cost per hour – $200 per day

3 and over hour working time – $80 per day

How much are woodworking supplies?

In order to obtain a good quality of woodworking, you will need to make your own materials or purchase pre-made goods.

To purchase woodworking supplies, check store staff for advice. However, we recommend the following brands:

Foster + Partners


The Woodcraft Shop

You could also find more resources if you consult the following organisations:

Lionsgate Animation

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