Is selling handmade furniture profitable? – Woodworking Business Advice

Nope. However, if you have an interesting idea for a new product that you want to market, then it might even make sense. You need to first find people who would buy it (I like to ask my customers about their products), then make one. There are various business models for making and selling handmade furniture. I’m talking about home makers, who have their home, not sold it. They make the pieces, such as furniture, as well as selling them. The price is the same, though the products don’t get sold in stores, so there’s no price differential. One of my customers made a simple wooden table that has a handle that folds up and comes off the surface. It folds up and is storable. He put the table in a place where people can get it. He’s still looking for a place so he doesn’t spend time in order to sell it, but it’s his first ever purchase after having a lot of interest in what he made.

How long did it take to make?

It took about a month. It was hard work. I spent the night in the shop making it when he first sent his first pieces.

You have a couple more customers?

I have a dozen or so. I have two people who are making and buying things, and they’re my main customers these days. My other customers are more than 20, though I still make furniture. I make small things for them for a monthly fee.

What’s the process of making that particular table?

They start by drilling holes out of the wood. Then they drill a hole for the screw-in legs. With these legs in place that’s it. Now the rest is done. I put a cover over it and cover the wood so that a good amount of moisture doesn’t get to the rest of the wood and makes it less durable.

Can you put up a sign for the shop saying that you are selling handmade furniture?

Yes, they do. They do have “Home Made by Home Made” signs.

What’s the minimum budget for the shop?

The minimum price is $300. The price is still high though, considering that its handmade. I would do them at a minimum of $300. I buy the materials and the parts I need to make it. I buy them at great prices when I do the work myself, which I don’t do very often. It can be $1,000 to $2

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