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A new Gallup poll has released their latest “State of National Security” survey, the results have been released.

On the “State of American Health” and “State of U.S.-Israel Relations,” Israel ranked first, with the U.S. in 17th place, just below Nigeria and below Yemen.

“The poll of 10,000 Americans surveyed in four states is the second-biggest Gallup has ever measured on the state of America’s relationship with Israel, following a study in 2014 that found that American Jews were more likely than their Muslim neighbors to say that Israel was the ‘best of friends’ and ‘the second-best of family.'” (via Politico)

YouGov, a pollster, conducted the poll. The survey was conducted over September 2013, and included questions about the U.S.-Israel relationship.

The poll’s margin of error isn’t much, but it is significant. I expect it to be fairly accurate. YouGov found that a quarter of American Jews polled believe the U.S. is in a “stable” relationship with Israel, and a quarter think it is “fragile.”

“For more than a decade, the percentage of Americans who think Israel is primarily an ally in the fight against terrorism has been declining, in part because of the anti-Israel sentiment that has grown in places like the Arab world and where many Americans’ view of the Jewish state has soured. Yet Gallup has found that the percentage of Americans who view Israel as being a friend has risen sharply over the last year. Since 2009, the Gallup poll found, the percentage of Americans who view Israel as a “strong ally” has increased by a margin of 9 percentage points.”

The poll also contains this interesting info:

Just 6 percent of Americans surveyed said last December 30 that Israel should be regarded solely as a foreign country; 14 percent of Americans thought Israel was a friendly country. Nearly half of Americans would not describe Israel’s security situation as “excellent.”

Just 4 percent of American Jews said Israel should be regarded solely as a foreign country and 51 percent would consider such behavior as “unacceptable”.

You can read the full release above and a breakdown of other things you can expect from this poll in the full report.


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