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A lot of people are interested in how to carve their wooden sign. There are many different ways to do it. In this article I will show you a few easy tips to make your sign look great.

Step 1

Use your marker to trace on the wood. For the sign pictured, I used the 3/8″ line.

Step 2
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You can use any size marker you want to mark on your wood. For this sign, I used two 1-1/4″ markers and the smaller one for the white background. Then I traced it with a marker on the black background I did above and then marked that. Then for the black background I just used a dark pencil to mark it.

Step 3

Step three. Mark in the center of the sign where the words meet. I made a template out of three 1-1/2″ pieces of plywood and did this by marking with white marker where I wanted to cut it. When you cut it you must make sure that the edges do not cross. This will prevent the sides of the letter from creasing as your cuts begin to cut in each other.

Step 4

When you are done marking, move onto the next area. Here you will make another template out of the 3/8″ plywood. Cut the template as you made the previous one. Then draw arrows with your marker to tell your woodcutters where to cut in each corner, then mark the corners with black pencil.

Step 5

Your signs will be finished!

I hope this tutorial showed you how to carve your wooden signs. I think it was pretty easy, and now you may carve your own wood signs and put the pieces up for sale! Be sure to share your signs with us in the comments below!

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I learned some very simple carving techniques with this tutorial. I did them by eye and I did this by hand in about 15 minutes. When I get my wood signs and put them up, everyone will be amazed at how easy they are to carve. And if you are interested in learning how to carve wooden sign, I recommend this guide.

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