How do I start my own woodworking business? – Woodworking Business At Home

You probably can’t afford a house of your own, but if your finances allow you to rent a workshop, the following steps might provide some practical advice.

Where to get wood?

The best places to buy wood are in major cities. Many of the cheaper sites sell to independent bakers: you won’t want to buy second-hand (although some of the cheaper sites sell well-used wood). Most of the larger sites also offer a good selection of other woods, as a general guide:

Barker’s Fine Woodworking in the US,

Kirkwood in the UK,

Lincolnshire Trading in the UK.

Many of these sites also sell some furniture pieces.

You should also consider making your own furniture. If it’s not too expensive or impossible to make, you should at least try. You can also buy a frame and then do some finishing on the inside. You may feel that you already have the skills you need to start to make furniture.

The online marketplace Etsy has a great range of woodworking tools: there are wooden bandsaws, carpenters saws, and even a wood chisel. There aren’t as many of these sites in most parts of Europe, so they are mainly found in the USA and Spain.

The best way to start a woodworking business is by going to a workshop. The following steps show how to find a good one in your own area. If you don’t see a place near you, you can also contact local galleries or artisans who sell crafts.

How should I set up a shop or workshop?

You should be keen on setting up a personal workshop. There are many advantages to doing this: you get to do all the work yourself, you get in contact with people who know the area, you can buy some of the best wood you can think of. You might not find the same variety of woods on eBay, but you may find that you can’t live without the wood you got from a different source, and you can get your wood with the local tradespeople. If there isn’t a decent workshop in your area, you should try to find one.

As a workshop owner you should:

Start by trying and buying the best types of wood you can find: if you think a shop should have a particular type of wood you can always go shopping and try it, you have no obligation to buy the wood. Also try to find a wood

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